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Luxury Accomadations at our Riverside Spa Retreat

The Culinary Culture of Antucamay


At H2O Patagonia we unwind at the end of the day with time around the table, indulging in fine food and wines. Gone is the harried race to fill the belly, gone is the next task on the to-do list. We relax and delight our taste buds with sumptuously prepared meals, accompanied by good conversation and fine wines.

gourmet dinning  wine We help you to enjoy a place unconcerned with time, providing you with a meal experience that calls forth food's finer qualities. We believe cooking is an art, and ingesting art satisfies not only the palate but the soul. We use the best local products while exploiting Chile's richness in vegetables, meat, and seafood. We also expose you to a bit of local culinary culture with a traditional Patagonian style whole lamb, cooked for hours over a slow fire. Accompanying your asado will be a seductive choice of salads and side dishes.

The explosive nature of southern Chile - with its virgin waters free of pollution, ancient woods, and weather that travels all seasons in a day - gives us a chance to relax and experience ourselves as we truly are, free from the stress of modern life. We warmely welcome you to the table at Antucamay.






Sample Menu:

Read on for a little taste of what awaits you in our riverside Quincho!

Breakfast: Home made breads and muffins, cereals, yoghurts, made to order eggs and omelet’s, fresh fruit and juices.

Lunch: On the river gourmet sandwiches, salads and fruit.

Soups and Cremes:

Vegetables and chicken japanese soup with soy, lemon and spring onions.

Cream of lentels with blue cheese and rosemary, topped with oven dried tomatoes.

Chilean style fish and vegetables soup with white wine.

Cream of lamb and vegetables with parmesan cheese and chives.


Tusnelda Salad: mixed greens with marinated fruit in fine herbs and olive oil, Prosciutto julienes and white cheese.

Antumacay salad: mixed greens with avocado, cold-smoked salmon, Manchego cheese, red onion and balsamic vinaigrette.

Japanese style salad: carrot, zucchini, cucumber julienes on a base of mixed greens, with sauteed fish cubes in ginger, garlic, lemon and sesame oil.


Mediterranean Mezze, grilled vegetables in fine herbs with goat cheese and balsamic reduction.

Chicken skewers Tandoori style, with yogurt and coriander sauce.

Crab legs and barnacles Au Gratin with red hot chilli peppers and garlic.

Main Course:

Baked Chilean seabass with garlic, onion, tomato, butter and a splash of cream; served with lemon basmati rice.

Grilled Rib Eye steak with onion confit, roasted rosemary potatoes , tomatoes and beef reduction.

Fettuccine “ a la creme” with garlic and mushrooms, served with roasted vegetables salad and Parmesan Cheese.



Fruit and spices soup with red wine and chirimoya ice cream.

Chocolate and rum cheesecake

Five spices flan.


Wines and Beverages:
We serve only Chile’s finest wines and spirits ranging from Pisco Sour to the Carmeneres of Odjfell Vineyard, Los Vascos, Casa La Postolle, among others.


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