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Q: What is the weather like?

Futaleufu is surrounded by temperate rain forests and has the potential to rain a lot here! However, luckily for us, most of the rain comes during the winter months which leaves our summers mostly sunny and dry with the occasional rainy day here and there. Futaleufu is as far south of the Equator as Portland, Oregon is north, and our summer climates are very similar. January and February are considered the summer months here, while December and March are late spring and early Fall. This generally means great weather, but higher chances or rain and colder temperatures.

Q: When is the best time to visit Futaleufu?

Our season runs mid-December through March and anytime within those months would be great. There is a higher probably of rain in December and March, however during rainy periods with the proper gear and our incredible camp set-up you will hardly notice the wet weather.

Q: What is the best way to get to Futaleufu?

Our trips begin and end in Esquel, Argentina, 2 hours away from our camp near Futaleufu. We recommend flying into Buenos Aires and then catching a connecting flight to Esquel. It is possible to do this in one straight shot- most flights from the United States arrive early enough in the morning to make the transfer flight to Esqeul, but be sure to give yourself enough time to collect your bags, clear customs, and change airports (the Esquel flight leaves from the domestic airport 45 minutes from the international airport). We recommend allowing 3 hours to do this.

For more stress free travel, we recommend flying into Buenos Aires a day early so you can enjoy the city (Tango anyone?) and have plenty of time the next morning to make your flight to Esquel.

Q: Will we have to exchange money at any time while traveling in Argentina or Chile?

No, our trips are nearly all inclusive and anything extra you wish to purchase (extra massages, photos or videos of the trip, gratuities for the guides, etc.) can be done so with the US dollar or by credit card (you can even pay for your taxi rides in between airports in Buenos Aires with a credit card). If you wish to purchase any souvenirs from town, you will need Chilean Pesos, and we can help you exchange your dollars for pesos in town.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

We will accept bookings up to one week before the beginning of the trip, however, you may find it hard to get your desired plane tickets with that short of notice (especially the Buenos Aires – Esquel flight). We recommend booking at least one month prior to the trip but most of our bookings come 3 to 6 months before the season begins.

Q: What should we bring?

Please refer to our packing list to see what H2O Patagonia provides and what we recommend bringing.

Q: What is included in my trip?

  • Seven night’s accommodation
  • Pick up & drop off at the Esquel, Airport
  • All meals and plenty of wine! (please note while we provide plenty to drink, it is not an open bar)
  • All technical equipment for multi-sport activities
  • All of the amenities at H2O Patagonia's riverside camp which include: hot showers, giant towels and robes, a hot tub, Chilean wines and spirits, one complimentary massage, and a great team to insure your stay is as comfortable and adventurous as you desire.
  • An amazing array of daily adventure and fun!!!

Q: Are photos or videos part of the trip?

We provide a photographer or videographer for the trip. The videographer accompanies the group on nearly all of our activities. On river days he goes ahead in his kayak, pulls over on the side of the river by the rapids, and shoots video or takes pictures. At the end of trip (and sometimes during the trip) we will get an evening showing of the photos or videos shot during the trip.

This is a separate service and while we provide the photographer or videographer, if you wish to have a copy of the photos or videos, they must be purchased separately from the videographer.

Q: We have a mixed group with varying ages, activity levels and adventurous spirits. Can you accommodate those that want a more extreme trip and those that are more interested in relaxing with some activities mixed in?

Absolutely! While we do not offer alternative options for all of our activities, we often have mellow options for those not interested in the “extremes” of the trip. For example, we offer both a strenuous hike and a mellow walk on the afternoon of Day 2 and for those not interested in taking on the Rio Azul and Rio Espolon in inflatable kayaks we offer raft alternatives. Plus, there is always the great option of taking a half day or full day off and relaxing at our amazing riverside camp to have a mid-morning massage and read by the river. In fact, many of our more adventurous guests often elect to take an activity off to enjoy life at camp.

Q: Do you offer family adventures for younger kids?

Yes we do! There are a wide range of family activities in area from going to local farms, family float trips on the Espolon River and mellower stretches of the Futaleufu, to playing in the open fields and grass lawns of our 200 acre ranch.

Q: Can I customize my adventure?

If we can make it happen for you, we will! If there are any activities that you either want more of or that are not included in our sample itineraries, please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate those desires.

Q: What sets H2O Patagonia apart on the Futaleufu?

1. The simple luxuries of Antucamay, our riverside camp. Our ranch property is the most comfortable and detail-oriented of all options available to you. This superior attention to detail manifests itself in our safari style bungalows, luxury bedding, gourmet chef, masseuse, full bathrooms, hot tub, and most importantly in the amount of care and attention given to every one of its visitors!

2. The Food! Our chef, Fabio, is absolutely amazing. Almost every trip we hear comments like, “That might be one of the best meals I have ever had, not just ever had while traveling, but EVER HAD!” Dinner is 3-5 healthy gourmet courses ranging from Rolled Lamb Roast with our Cherries and Berries Curry sauce to Red Salmon Ceviche, with desserts as incredible as Five Spices Flan and Tiramisu.

3. Safety on the River. We have the highest ratio of guides to clients on the river. Every raft obviously has a guide, but each raft also has it's own personal safety kayaker and we have a safety cataraft for every 2 or 3 rafts on the water. We rarely have “swimmers”, but when we do, your time in the water is as short as possible because of our world-class safety team.

Q: We will already be traveling in Chile but your website says arrival at the lodge is thru Esquel, Argentina. Can we arrange to get to your lodge via entry thru Chile instead?

Yes you can (although it is a longer day trip and a little more expensive) which would entail taking a small puddle hopper plane from Puerto Montt to Chaiten and then a 3 hour van drive to our lodge in Futaleufu.

Q: Do I need a Visa to enter Chile or Argentina?

It is not necessary to have a visa to enter Argentina or Chile. When you enter these countries, you will get a tourist stamp in your passport with the number of days you are allowed to stay in the country (up to 90 days). When flying into Buenos Aires you must pay a reciprocity tax of $160. This tax needs to be paid online before you leave your home country. This is a new system and many airlines will not let you board the plane if you do not have the receipt proving you already paid the tax. Go to http://www.provinciapagos.com.ar/dnm/ (the site is in English and Spanish) to pay the tax.

Q: What type of electricity is used in Chile?

Chile's electricity standard is 220 volts/50Hz (the standard in the U.S. is 120volts/60Hz). Some (but not all) electronics from the United States are 100-240 volts/50-60Hz) so they are compatible with the outlets in Chile. Please check the electronics you wish to bring down (if they will need to be charged) to be sure they are compatible. Electrical sockets have two openings for tubular pins, not flat prongs, so you'll need a plug adapter.

Q: What are the typical meals on the trip?

Breakfast is a healthy mix of fresh fruits, locally made cheeses, Patagonian eggs, yogurts and cereals, with homemade breads and freshly made juices.

We are never too busy to stop and have a gourmet lunch, whether it be on the side of the river, under the shadow of a cascading waterfall, or on the mountain side overlooking an incredible valley. Lunch is what fuels the afternoon’s activities, and we provide you with the nourishment and taste to keep you going.

As great as breakfast and lunches at H2O are, dinner is where things really start to get impressive. Dinner can range from Baked Chilean Sea bass with garlic, onion, tomato, butter, and a splash of cream; served with lemon basmati rice to Grilled Rib Eye steak with onion confit, roasted rosemary potatoes, tomatoes, and a beef reduction sauce.

Q: What type of rafts do you use?

On the Futaleufu we use top of the line 18-foot Sotar rafts and put no more than six paddlers per boat. The guides have oars in the back of the raft while the paddlers up front have paddles. This is called a paddle assist or stern mount and gives us the power of the paddlers and the control of oars.

Q: How do I sign up and make payment?

You can register for your adventure here and make payment via PayPal on our website as well here

“I loved the unique combination of adventure and pampering. The adventure not only involved rafting and kayaking down some of the biggest bluest rapids in Chile, but also professional guides who had our safety as their first priority and fun as the second. The pampering came back at the ranch with regular massages, a soak in the hot tub with a drink in hand or the nibbling of canapes by the fire before a gourmet meal. Bringing all this together disconnected me completely from the rat race of the city and was a great atmosphere for bringing together a diverse group of people from around the world. Great job!”

-Kylie Chick, Santiago Chile

+1 828 333 4615

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