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The Finsest Adventure Travel Gear & Whitewater Rafting Equipment
Whitewater Rafting Equipment

Adventure Travel & Rafting Gear

You'll find only the finest adventure travel gear & river rafting equipment on H2O Patagonia adventures. On our Futaleufu whitewater rafting trips you'll paddle in custom-made SOTAR boats. These rafts enhance paddler stability, making your journey down the river more enjoyable and safe. Wetsuits, helmets and splash gear are provided for your trip from top quality manufacturers including NRS, Pro-tec, and Cascade. They'll keep you warm and comfortable during your whitewater days.

All canyoning equipment is made by Petzl, Sterling, and CMC Rescue-expert gear manufacturers who take your safety seriously.

From time to time, H2O Patagonia's guests spend a night or two away from the Antucamay base camp. For these times, we provide the best in two and four-person tents. You'll stay warm and dry no matter what the weather conditions. The tents we use include the brand names of Mountain Hardware, Eureka, North Face and LL Bean. When in the outback all of our guests have a comfortable sleeping pad and should have no problem getting a good nights rest. H2O also provides first class transportation off of the river.

H2O Patagonia also provides first-class transportation to all your activities. Professional chauffeurs drive you in 15-passenger vans to all destinations. You'll have plenty of legroom, lots of windows for viewing and many opportunities to take in the incredible countryside.

Guide Ratio:
Our guide-to-guest ratio is one of the best in the industry, generally 1-4 on the Futaleufu River. In addition, we always employ at least one extra guide on every trip in order to further ensure your safety.

Safety Kayak:
Safety kayakers can move swiftly in and out of rapids, adeptly rescuing swimmers from tough-to-access areas. Should you swim, your safety kayaker will help you back to your raft.

H2O Patagonia uses only 18-foot Sotar rafts-the fastest, most maneuverable self-bailing rafts on the market.

Safety Cataraft:
A stable craft with two-pontoons, oar-powered catarafts are nearly as fast and maneuverable as kayaks. They have space to accommodate rescued swimmers, and on big water like the Futaleufu they are the preferred rescue craft.

H2O Patagonia supplies each guest with a "Farmer John" wetsuit for added flotation and warmth.

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