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Luxury Accomadations at our Riverside Spa Retreat

Riverside Spa Menu:

Come rejuvenate your mind and body at our riverside spa. Our massage therapist conducts sessions in two rooms situated close to the rushing waters of the Futaleufu. Your senses will delight in the sounds of Patagonia coupled with therapeutic aromas and oils chosen by our professional therapist.

Massage Therapy Options:

  • Swedish / Full Body Massage: You choose your own essential oil, and we combine it with one of our soothing base oils to offer deep relaxation for the whole body.
  • Deep tissue Massage: This type of massage is meant for those who have a specific tension area, or who are feeling some type of muscular discomfort. Just point to where it hurts, and we’ll give those muscles the special attention needed to restore your body to its full capacity. After a long day of adrenaline packed adventure on the river, galloping in the valley or trekking through the ancient forests, this is an effective technique for loosening sore and tight spots.
  • Facial & cranial/head massage: Aside from being highly relaxing, certain pressure points exist in the cranial/facial area known to bring relief for headaches, sinus inflammation, and other discomforts. You can choose whether you would like to receive the pressure point technique or a soft, relaxing facial massage using special creams.
  • Foot massage: After a long days walk, what could be better than a good foot massage? We use relaxing essential oils to sooth the sore spots and prepare you for the next day’s journey.


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+1 828 333 4615

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