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Guest Feedback -Adventure Testimonials
Patagonia Chile

Guest Feedback - Adventure Testimonials

On H2O in General:

You have created such a special experience H2O Patagonia.  This mixture of adventure, beauty, culture, authenticity, and luxury is exactly the kind of thing my travelers desire.  It is these kind of multi-sensory, well-rounded experiences that stay in our hearts and minds forever.  Thank you for creating something truly magical, and perhaps even life-changing.  I look forward to sending many more people your way.
-Bryan Herb from Zoom Vacations,

Once you get beyond the “cool” of having been the only person you know to raft in Patagonia, you are left with indelible memories of one of the most majestic places on earth. And there is no better way to experience it than H20 Patagonia. You’ll marvel at the beauty. You’ll be challenged by the river. You’ll feel indulged in the way you are treated and delight in the company of others also drawn to it. What you won’t do, is ever forget the experience.

-John Prunier, New York City

"I cannot tell you how much I personally enjoyed our visit to H20.  This trip was probably the best holiday that Matt and I have ever experienced. This must-do trip provides adventure, excitement & skills development in a spectacular setting with first-class service.  The quality of the guiding is far beyond one's expectation so safety is never an issue.  This trip will push yourself beyond limits you thought impossible, with plenty of humour & the company of new friends."
-Andrea Jack, Toronto , Canada

“There is one word for H2O Patagonia: Amazing! Amazing facilities, amazing area, amazing whitewater and last but not least, amazing guides, who were professional, friendly, and most of all made us feel safe even running class V whitewater! I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants an adventure while being pampered at the same time.”

-Deb Scisco, Owner of Outdoor Beyond, Adventure and Expedition Travel for Women

“The entire experience was awesome. High adventure and adrenaline thrills on the river with superb guides, then relaxing each evening in rustic comfort to enjoy Chile’s best wines paired with gourmet meals. It doesn’t get any better.”
-Anna Hobbs, Toronto, Canada

“H2O Patagonia is something out of the ordinary in a distant land. It was very easy to spend a week in this particular paradise, and I certainly plan to return soon with my wife and friends.”
-Fred Promoli, Ontario, Canada

“From the moment I first saw how beautiful the setting is of Antucamay, to the moment of my departure—it is all so wonderfully memorable… Beyond Adventure is a perfect line—I was hoping for an adventure to top the chart—and H2O delivered it and more. ”
-Michael Hughes, Phoenix, Arizona

“What a full rich experience this was—showered in waters of the FU each day, returning to a hot shower each night. A glorious setting and opportunities to be out in it each day.”
-Allison Marshall, Phoenix, Arizona

“I loved the unique combination of adventure and pampering. The adventure not only involved rafting and kayaking down some of the biggest bluest rapids in Chile, but also professional guides who had our safety as their first priority and fun as the second. The pampering came back at the ranch with regular massages, a soak in the hot tub with a drink in hand or the nibbling of canapes by the fire before a gourmet meal. Bringing all this together disconnected me completely from the rat race of the city and was a great atmosphere for bringing together a diverse group of people from around the world. Great job!”
-Kylie Chick, Santiago Chile

“I was expecting a rafting trip… I got so much more.”
-John Summer; Portland, Maine

“H2O Patagonia has discovered a way to combine adventurous activities with luxurious accommodations and excellent service—I have experienced many similar trips but never felt as comfortable, “pampered”, safe and well taken care of.”

“An unforgettable epic adventure! …the beautiful scenery, the starry nights, canyoning, the excitement of the river, relaxing with a massage and just hanging out and making friends.
-Bill Taylor, Garden Valley, California

“Antucamay is as pretty as heaven, the Futaleufu larger than life. Gourmet food and fabulous Chilean wines were a terrific antidote to adrenaline jitters. The feeling of being at the end of the world made the whole experience all the more unforgettable. I'll drive my friends crazy reminiscing about this journey.”
-Rob LaGrone, Jetsettersmagazine.com

On The H2O Patagonia Guide Team:

"My husband and I developed an enormous respect and sense of enjoyment for each member of the guide team. It was impossible not to notice the cooperative way they interacted with each other, the sense of purpose they shared and the unfailing professionalism they exhibited. Coupled with that, they pretty much reeked of charisma. Who wouldn’t want to share a drink with them? The problem is getting the chance; if they are not hard at work, they are probably busy filling your glass."
-Urvi Prunier, New York City

"Every single person on your staff was superb and made everyone feel safe, confident and comfortable. Thanks for a great experience! I won’t hesitate to recommend you all to my friends and I’ll be sure to show the awesome video you provided."

“Wow! Top notch! Amazing! Made us feel safe and capable of doing impossible things. Very committed, warm, customer oriented. They worked great as a team… And very handsome!”
-Armelle Armstrong, Geneva, Switzerland

“In a sport such as white water rafting, one of the top criteria one should be concerned with when considering which group to use is attention to detail...in this, I found the H20 Patagonia people absolutely top notch. Safety was a primary concern, as it should, followed closely by a genuine concern that the participants are enjoying the trip to the max”
-Jay Dickman, National Geographic Photographer

“Their skill levels are outstanding; they have all-round knowledge in many related areas and the ability to pass this on in an interesting way. They are strong, unique characters who bond terrifically and keep everyone's mood cheerful!”
-Fred Promoli, Ontario, Canada

“These guys know their stuff. I felt both challenged and safe at the same time. They were very professional, experienced, and friendly.”
-John Summer, Portland, Maine

“Stan did a first rate job on the raft. I was impressed both by his skill in handling the raft itself –he made bigger rapids seem much smoother than they really were - and perhaps even more so by his overall tone which conveyed competence, assurance, and no need to call undue attention to himself. Mitch was a solid source of information on local flora, fauna and culture. All of the guides were very skilled and personable. I found everyone on the staff to be outgoing and generous with their time.”
-Joe Kane, Author of Running the Amazon and Savages

“Harv was a terrific group leader, from airport pickup to departure, he set a tone of informal, attentive professionalism and great whole group inclusion.”
-Allison Marshall, Phoenix Arizona

“All the guides were absolutely the best!! Aaron was superb as a kayak instructor. The entire team of guides made a difficult class 5 river seem as safe as it could be. All were extremely supportive and worked exceptionally well as a team. Harvey was a great leader and organizer.”
-Bill Taylor, Garden Valley, California

On the H2O Patagonia Dinning Experience and Accommodations:

“Perfecto!—Great vegetable alternatives to meat meals (thank you)—very substantive, but with light sauces, salads, splendid. Loved the food from the garden. Inventive, beautiful meals, beautifully presented.”
-Allison Marshall, Phoenix Arizona

“Terrific food!”
-Rob LaGrone, Jetsettersmagazine.com

“Superb! My compliments to the Chef and staff.”
Bill Taylor, Garden Valley, California

“The Food was fabulous!”
-Anna Hobbs, Toronto, Canada

“The food was absolutely delicious, prepared exquisitely and presented like a work of fine art.”
-Michael Hughes, Phoenix, Arizona

“The Bungalow was splendid, great, comfortable bed. Fabulous river view and sounds….”
-Allison Marshall, Phoenix Arizona

“Our riverside bungalow was perfect and the facilities in general are downright cushy…forget the whitewater adventure, the hot tub and masseuse are sufficient to make me happy about selecting H2O Patagonia”
-Michael, Phoenix Arizona

“Bungalows are VERY comfortable…I slept like a baby”

-John Summer, Portland, Maine




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